How it Works

You are just 3 STEPS away to EARN!!
To earn by working for events and promotions on our website, you have to first "Register" and provide us with little details about yourself with your contact number that we will need to contact you.

Apply for Events
After registering, you have to apply for events that you want to work for, from the list of events in the "All Events" Page. When you join an event, you have to check whether you are eligible for it and make a note of the briefing date. You will receive a call shortly from EventBaba as soon you apply for a job providing you with more details if necessary. You have to arrive on time at the briefing place, there you will be given further details about what you need to do at the job. Relax, it's going to be very simple!

Get Paid
Hurray! Now that you have completed the event you will be PAID for it on the date given to you. You will also be given a place where you can come & collect all your payment in cash/cheque along with all other event group members.

"Check out our frequently asked questions page if you have any further doubts.
You can also call us at: 9833388927 if you have any further queries.