Frequently Asked Questions
1) What is EventBaba?
Eventbaba is a website which provides you with part-time events and promotional jobs with high pay compared to other event companies or co-ordinators.

2) How do I get paid for the job?
You will be paid in cash or via cheque. When you complete an event, a date will be provided to you on which you will get paid.

3) I have joined an event, what to do now?
After joining an event, you have to keep a note of the briefing date and attend at given place on time. Also you will get a call from EventBaba shorty after you apply for an event to give you more details if necessary. You will be given your further instructions at the time of briefing.

4) What if my payment is delayed? What if I don't get paid?
We will pay you as soon as the event company will pay us. If the payment gets delayed, we will pay you some extra money over each day you worked for the event. The amount for the delayed payment will be provided to you at event page on the website.

5) Can I join multiple events?
Yes, you can join multiple events. But if one of the event timing is mixing up with the timing of another event or if the brief date is clashing with one and another, then you will not be allowed to join.

6) What if I leave an event in between or miss 1 day?
Once you apply for an event, you cannot leave it in between or miss even 1 work day. If at any case you are not present for work, than you will not get paid for any of the days you have worked for that event.

7) Can I unjoin an Event?
No. Once you applied for an event you cannot back out from it.

8) How can I change my contact number?
You cannot change your contact number which is your login id. If there is a change in your number, than you have to update it in your 'Other Contact' on your profile.

9) Where to check the events that I have joined?
You can check the events that you joined at 'My Events' page.

10) What is the age limit to join EventBaba?
There is no age limit to join EventBaba, but there are certain events in which age is an eligibility criteria.
(Events such as Cigarette & Liquor Promotions.)

11) How will I know if there is a new event that I can join?
New events on our website will be updated on the 'All Events' page. Log onto our website everyday to know about more high paying event jobs.

12) What if an event that I want to join is full?
You can still apply for events even if all positions are full although you will be placed in a 'Wait List' and so if at any moment we require more people you will be the first one to get the new position.

13) What if I come across some kind of error which shouldn't be happening?
If you are getting an error that you are unable to understand, send a mail to with the title as "Error" along with the contact detail and the error you are facing.

14) What if I am an Anchor/Emcee/Host/Model and want to work with EventBaba?
Sure, you can work with us. Send your profile/portfolio at with your name and contact details.