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07 Feb. (2 PM)
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Air-O-Water Helper Activity (MALES) (MUMBAI)


This event is for MALES.

Your work profile:
- Promote the brand. (Complete training will be provided)
- You have to explain product details and distribute brochures.  
- Collect data & contact details of the customers.
- Have to handle the stall/kiosk.
- Every day you have to come to the client office and from there they will take you to the work locations
- You have to work for a complete month.
- You will get 1 holiday/week-off.

Selection Criteria: 
- Looks should be Above Average.
- Communication Skills should be Above Average.
- Should be experienced in Promotions and Activation field.

- Shortlisting will be based on photographs. Only shortlisted users will be called for the briefing.

Brief location: Titanic Building, Tax Centre Complex, Chandivali Farm Road, Mum - 72

Work Location: Mumbai
Work Timings: 
11:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Dress-code: Formals

For any doubts or details contact:
EventHead - 
Mr. Kadir Sayyed: 8828 446 144


-Should be able to understand English Language.
-Should look presentable.
-Should be experienced in Promotions and Activation field.

Brief / Selection Date

Thursday, 07 Feb. 2019 (2 p.m.)

Event Dates

9 March 2019
9 Feb. 2019


Total Payment:
₹400/- x 26 days = ₹ 10400/-
The payment will be made till March 24, 2019.

If payment is delayed after the given date, then you will be paid as follows:
If the payment is done after March 24, 2019
Total Payment: ( ₹400/- + ₹0/- ) x 26days = ₹ 10400/-

If the payment is done after April 23, 2019
Total Payment: ( ₹400/- + ₹10/- ) x 26days = ₹ 10660/-

If the payment is done after May 23, 2019
Total Payment: ( ₹400/- + ₹20/- ) x 26days = ₹ 10920/-
NOTE: If the payment date is on weekends(Sat & Sun) it will be counted as Monday.

Sorry, You cannot apply for this event as it is in working/ongoing state.
Terms & Conditions:

Once applied for an event job, you can't back out.
You cannot leave an event in between. If you leave or don't attend any of the working days then you will not be paid at all.
You cannot work for our client directly under any circumstances. Failing to abide by this, would result in non-payment and legal action.
Any misbehaviour/misconduct against the company or EventBaba will result in legal action to be taken against an individual or a group of people.
The user must collect the payment on the day it is sanctioned. If the user doesn't collect his/her payment, then EventBaba won't be responsible for paying the added late payments.

If any problem / query / doubt, you can contact Mr. Rohit - 9004193738
or email us at:
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