My Grand Mother Just Died, I can’t come…


No, EventBaba doesn’t have any grandmother nor did any of our team member’s grand mother passed away. This is one of the most common excuses that a user gives when he doesn’t want to turn up for his event job. This post is definitely not a rant. It’s just that we wanted every other user to know about the other side of the coin, where the user simply backsout of the event job after getting selected, and here goes the story about what happens after that…

It’s 8.00 in the morning and instead of the alarm going off we receive call from one of the user who was supposed to go for the event job.
“My Grand Mother Just Died, I can’t come…” this is what we get to hear from the other end of the phone


This sudden news gets us up high on our toes.


We go forward communicating with the infinite list of promoters/users/backups and convincing them to accept the job and be at the venue at ultra super short notice as the clients requirement should be fulfilled at what -so-ever cost even if the EventBaba team members have to work as a promoter.

And voila! the complete EventBaba team is now teamed up like Avengers on a Mission Impossible!
EventBaba Team whatsapp group is now flooded with messages on status from client, suggestions of possible users who can work for the activity and all kinds of other stuff.
…and after all the hard work, our A-Team arranges a replacement promoter!!!


NO! wait the story doesn’t end here. No sign of relief for us yet!
Client pressure is still on! The  user who has been arranged is still at his home. Now begins the Follow Up Round!
and yet again…

What we expect how our user should reach!57bda316baea6006040383 (1)

Reality. 🙁

Somehow the user reaches at the venue and time for celebration is on!!! Yay!!

All of this could have been avoided if the user would have simply told us that he doesn’t want to do the activity a day before and some other user would be able to avail the opportunity. We receive a lot of such excuses when a user backsout of the event job and definitely some of them would be genuine cases.
Nonetheless this was our side of the story. If  you as a user would like to share your side of the story send us an email on
Nevertheless, We strive to give out the best part time jobs opportunity to our users and great services to our client!

10 thoughts on “My Grand Mother Just Died, I can’t come…

  1. I still remember my first yamaha activity as the head of operations ( wch was at uran and promoter was supposed to reach at 7am at panvel stn to catch the transport and reach uran on tym for the activity.. And at 6.45am I called the promoter and got the very same reason.. After that what happened is very well explained in the blog.. ?

  2. May be bread butter for unemployed person or pocket money for tking out gf on date or surprise gift for our parents on their birthday/anniversary. u guys are truly devta for us 😉

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