Briefings: A short & simple interview

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A lot of users get a bit confused as to what is briefing or what happens at briefing and here we are to explain it better!

What is briefing?
Briefing is a minor meeting between you and the client. This happens atleast a day prior to the event job.

Why is briefing required?
Clients wants to check if you are confident and have good communication skills that is required for Event – Promotion Part Time Job. Based on communication, confidence & looks, the client then selects you for the part time job and then provides you more details about the work that you need to do.

What if you don’t attend the briefing?
If you don’t attend the briefing how would you know your exact work profile & how would the client know that you are capable to do it.
In short, you won’t be eligible for the event / project which you have applied to do.

Tips for getting selected at briefing?
-Try to wear decent clothes (Dressing in formals works most of the time)
– For Males, Clean Shave
– Speak politely in simple and precise way.
-Take instructor’s/clients every words as an utmost important and respond them when you do not understand or whenever required.
– Always be ready to answer when any questions asked
– Show curiosity and eagerness to work for the part time job.
– Share idea when required.

Yamaha Event, Kalyan

Thanks to all the users for being a part of the Yamaha Event.
The event took place in major residential societies in Kalyan.

Test Drive provided for Parents and Drawing, Dance and many more games and competition had been conducted for kids.

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